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What’s about to go mainstream in your market segment? How should you position your new service? And what shows are selling? We combine intelligent trend analysis and our deep industry experience to give your business expert insights.

Uncover intelligent insights into your market.

The explosion of scripted drama. The rapid increase of SVOD services. The rise of AVOD. New platforms. New technologies. New audiences... Few industries change as quickly as content. Or as often. And the most successful brands always make their move from solid ground.

We continuously track all major content trends and innovations. Through our research services, we don’t just help your business keep up. We make sure you stay ahead.

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How we help.

All of our clients are different. In size. In maturity. In objective. That’s why our research services are built to fit.

Our syndicated research tools – including Show Tracker – offer expert, off-the-shelf insights, ready for your business to turn into action. A simple subscription is all you need to unlock ongoing, in-depth analysis of market trends.

Then there’s our bespoke offering. Focused research into the area of industry you need. At whatever level of detail you demand. So if there’s a specific issue you’re interested in exploring, we’ll help uncover the full picture. Backed by our established network of industry contacts to give you the inside track.

You’ll receive fully customised analysis – delivered as a report, in an interactive workshop, online, offline… whatever suits your business.

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