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Book Adaptations on the Rise as Studios Consider them a Safer Bet

Book-to-movie adaptations are rising in popularity among global studios

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Virgin Media O2 on content aggregation and the launch of 'Stream' | Inside Content

How has Virgin Media transformed as a content aggregator?

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International Services Continue To Struggle With Acquiring Emmy-Winning Content

Vertical integration, volume deals and digital originals are dominating the Emmy content market

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Amazon Challenging Netflix's Pessimistic Renewal Strategy with 'Rings of Power'

Amazon and HBO renew series early unlike Netflix canceling more of originals than any other SVOD

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ITV Studios on the co-production of content, the rise of pan-regional streamers and multiple windowing success | Inside Content

How are ITV Studios finding success as producer and distributor in the competitive content market?

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Free TV Rights playing catch-up with Pay TV

Free TV broadcasters are now acquiring the same percentage of catch-up rights as Pay TV.

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SVOD Focus Not Stopping Broadcast Commissions

Studio SVOD's US scripted commissions have not been at the cost of broadcast commissions.

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