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TV Channels still dominate 1st window for US Drama

02 Nov 2017
TV Channels still dominate 1st window for US Drama

The 3Vision Show Tracker highlights 1st window sales of major US Scripted TV.

Current analysis is focused on 1st Window sales of 2016/17 Season shows, with a handful of returning shows; below we look at distribution by type of service:

  • Despite all the buzz about SVOD, 67% of international 1st window sales are still to Broadcasters
  • A notable exception is Sweden where SVOD players have snapped up 61% of new shows
  • Four shows premiered on AVOD, including Emmy-winning The Handmaid's Tale on SBS On Demand

Broadcast is the dominant distribution method both globally and in the majority of individual markets. In Spain and Sweden, a relatively smaller number of acquiring services are competing for rights. Domestic SVOD services take a larger share of shows in these markets than in others. In combination with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video this means SVOD services in these markets buy a relatively high number of shows.

Overall, very few exceptions to the Broadcast-SVOD split were tracked. The only AVOD releases tracked were from SBS in Australia, with The Handmaid’s Tale amongst others, while the only Transactional release was Lethal Weapon in France.

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