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Show Tracker

The 3Vision Show Tracker presents a unified view of the dynamics and characteristics of TV series’ distribution to provide insight into an increasingly complex ecosystem

3Vision’s Show Tracker

05 Oct 2017
3Vision’s Show Tracker

​The market for programming is increasingly diverse - more services, new pan-regional & global players, and new rights elements.

As the distribution environment for TV series continues to evolve it becomes increasingly important for stakeholders to improve the insight and tools they have available.

Optimising revenues in the 1st window by understanding where and how deals are being done is an ongoing effort, with 2nd window revenues also increasingly impacted by decisions made with the 1st window deal.

Rights Where is Season Stacking in use | Where are series available in EST
| Which series can be temporarily downloaded | How does it vary by territory/operator
Distributor What rights are being used | Which shows are sold/unsold
| Which distributors are they selling to
Service What shows have they been buying | What rights are they using
| Which distributors do they buy from
TV Show Where has it been sold | What rights have been used
| Which operators have acquired it | Which are rebranded as "Originals"
Territory Who are the key buyers | What rights are being used
| Which shows are being bought

The series included in the 3Vision Show Tracker follow a framework that includes US scripted TV series from Drama and Comedy genres, of half hour and one hour durations.

Shows are being added to the Show Tracker on an ongoing basis, with the current list of shows including 69 series:

  • All new US Network shows from the 2016/17 Season
  • Selected new and returning US Basic and Pay Cable shows

As the database grows the number of shows tracked will increase significantly. All new shows from the 2017/18 Season and returning shows from the original database release will be covered - currently estimated to be 228 titles.

Globally an average of 58% of shows tracked have been acquired (excluding the US and Canada). Spain and Sweden have the highest proportion of acquisitions, both of which are markets with relatively fragmented SVOD environments.

Australia and the UK also have high acquisition rates, driven by the popularity of US content and a relatively long tail of acquiring channels.