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One-on-one with Weinstein

29 Jun 2015
One-on-one with Weinstein

3Vision's Toby Russell Interviews Caleb Weinstein of Fox International Channels

3Vision's Advanced Content Strategies session featured an in-depth interview with Caleb Weinstein of Fox International Channels, addressing the big changes that have taken place within the industry over the past few years for both operators and their consumers.

Weinstein stated that Fox International Channels have identified the big drivers for factual content as being challenged in on demand, and later posed the question, how do you create such a driver - something that the BBC, for example, have managed so successfully.

Toby Russell asked, "How do you feel the operators within the industry are adjusting to the new world they have found themselves within?"

Weinstein answered by referring to a conversation he had with the head of a major European cable company who said "if you didn't make any money in the last 10 years you're an absolute fool".

During the interview, Weinstein acknowledged that there are 2,000 operators in the EU, some using Netflix as a means for incentive, others taking alternative approaches to attract consumers to their service. Due to Netflix's massive appeal, this marketing tactic could see customers potentially drop a tier just to receive a Netflix subscription.

Credit: Chris Dziadul, Connected TV World Summit 2015, London

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