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3Vision’s Advanced Content Strategies at Connected TV World Summit 2015

25 Jun 2015
3Vision’s Advanced Content Strategies at Connected TV World Summit 2015

Jack Davison (Managing Consultant, 3Vision) exclusively reveals results to a recent industry-wide survey at CTVS15

3Vision recently conducted a short industry-wide survey, focusing on the burning issues raised at last years Connected TV World Summit "Advanced Content Strategies" session led by 3Vision. Further topics which were identified to explore as feedback 2014's event included:

  • VOD vs. Linear Viewing
  • The Broadcaster of the Future
  • Global Independent SVOD players e.g. Netflix vs. Local territory operators
  • The future and growth of EST and its implications towards Pay TV operators and Broadcasters

In response to these topics, 3Vision asked the following questions as part of an industry-wide survey conducted prior to Connected TV World Summit 2015.

Q1. Will viewing on demand become more significant than scheduled linear viewing for broadcast channel of the future?

Results: 71% believe that on demand viewing will become more significant for broadcast channels than traditional scheduled linear viewing.

Q2. Who will hold the balance of power with content suggestion? Will the broadcast channel brands become the curator of viewing or will the days of algorithms of VOD service providers lead?

Results: 49% Channels Brands, 30% VOD Algorithms, 21% Mixed.

Responses included:

"A combination of the two, depending on the audience. For example, procedural shows still rate well on broadcast networks and there is an audience for them. However, we are seeing the growth of serialised shows that are made for a more binge viewing type of audience who want to watch one episode after the other, which serves the VOD model better. There is space for both and while both types of show continue to do what they are required to, then I believe that both types of curator will co-exist. Ultimately, the variation and continued proliferation of services be it traditional broadcast or VOD, creates a demand for content that will need to be met."

Q3. How quickly will Pay TV Operators (e.g. Sky, Comcast and UPC) switch the majority of their content budgets to On Demand rather than Broadcast channels?

Results: 62% believe that in the next four years linear channel carriage fees will remain the dominant budget component for Pay TV operators.

Q4: Can local territory operators compete with global buyers like Netflix for US TV series, or will local players have to allow them to exist alongside and programme to their own strengths in different ways?

Results: 68% suggested a local focus is key to strengthening position, with broadcaster involvement critical.

Q5: As physical sales continue to decline and move digital, who is in the best position to dominate the digital sales of download to own (EST) content?

Results: 65% believe the digital retail specialists and content owners will dominate digital ownerships sales?

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