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3Vision Insight - Sky’s Next Generation Pay TV Platform

26 Jul 2016
3Vision Insight - Sky’s Next Generation Pay TV Platform

Sky Q, the hotly anticipated next-generation home entertainment system offers a whole new way of watching TV making it easier than ever to access all your favourite TV in and out of the home.

Our full Sky Q Insight is free and you can receive a copy by simply contacting us through our website and we will despatch it to you by return.

After several years of development, in February 2016 Sky UK launched the latest innovation to their TV service, Sky Q. Positioned as their premium service, Sky Q offers multiple set top box options, a new remote, a new router and tablet apps. Connected tablets can access all content, all around the home, and content recorded on the main boxes can be downloaded onto tablet apps for portable, offline viewing.

The platform is designed to be future proof, with Ultra HD soon to launch and voice activated search also planned. The launch is limited to Sky’s UK business, with suggestions that Italy and Germany will follow.

Sky now talks about the three tiers of their TV products.

i) Now TV is their skinny pay TV bundle - or ‘pay lite’ as they call it

ii) Sky+ is central to the overall Pay TV proposition

iii) Sky Q is their premium TV product, “reinventing” TV

Sky has been building brand awareness of Sky Q, and despite a number of early technical issues we have learnt of, there has been almost universal approval from the consumer press.

At it’s most simplest, Sky Q lets users do a number of key things:

  • Watch live, recorded and VOD content, anywhere in the home using your main box, multiroom boxes and connected devices;
  • Pause and resume content anywhere in the home, on any of these devices;
  • Take your favourite content with you by downloading content on to your tablet.

This is what Sky likes to call “Fluid Viewing”, and it is achieved through a number of new hardware developments. Subscribers now have two “main box” options Sky Q Silver and Sky Q, and a new “multi-room” box option Sky Q Mini, with all boxes in the home acting as Wi-Fi hotspots/extenders. To finish the hardware developments off, there is a new router, the Sky Q Hub, and a new remote, the Sky Q Touch Remote.

Why is Sky launching SkyQ?

  • The Sky+ HD platform is becoming tired.
  • The market for video services is more competitive.
  • It represents a strong opportunity to lock-in new and existing subscribers (for 18 months) with a new high value service.
  • It allows Sky to reclaim a technology leadership position and counter services and devices like Netflix, Amazon, Apple, etc.
  • As a technology platform it is now easier for Sky to develop, innovate, and maintain leadership in the market, with more to come.

Although Sky Q has a premium cost it is not much more than traditional Sky+ HD (especially homes with multiple STBs) and with UHD it will certainly stand out as a leading TV service - countering BT’s recent BT Sport UHD channel and launching before Virgin Media.

Our team of consultants are on hand to answer any questions you may have or to provide greater detail if that is what you require, you can find more information here: www.3vision.tv

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