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3Vision Insight - Personal Video Recorders with Network Storage

07 Sep 2016
3Vision Insight - Personal Video Recorders with Network Storage

As more Pay TV operators look to launch nPVR, we investigate the challenges they face and the potential impact on the market. Meet us at IBC to hear the full story.

Our full nPVR Insight is free and you can receive a copy by simply contacting us through our website and we will despatch it to you by return. If you would like to schedule a meeting with one of our team at IBC, please click here.

Network personal video recorders (nPVRs) that store content on operator servers rather than local storage are an industry hot topic. Consumer deployments of true nPVRs remain very limited in number, with some major Pay TV operators trialling services but few fully live. With improving technical conditions and financial justifications for launching we believe there will be more deployments.

However, there are significant challenges with rights availability that players need to address, and relying on copyright law interpretation will not work. Rights owners need to carefully assess their strategies here - simply blocking nPVR could backfire if operators instead provide subs with larger in-home storage over which there is very little, if any, control.

3Vision September 2016 Insight Summary:

  • There is a misunderstanding of what nPVR means, with many services labelled nPVR but actually being something else
  • There are many advantages for operators, with strong consumer benefits and operating and capital expenditure gains
  • Multi-screen services are a significant element, with nPVR helping to deliver low cost second screen solutions
  • Operators are employing different feature sets and setting varying business rules with services and these need more clarity
  • Cablevision blazed a trail in the US, but remain focused on it being an in-home multi-room PVR solution
  • Swisscom is the new market leader for nPVR, offering extensive nPVR, replay and multi-screen services
  • Comcast have laid the groundwork for full nPVR with the X1 Cloud DVR, but it is not a true nPVR yet
  • Rights availability restrictions currently limit wide rollout of nPVRs but these are steadily being resolved - we believe it is in all the parties interest to accelerate this process

Our team of consultants are on hand to answer any questions you may have or to provide greater detail if you require, you can find more information here: 3Vision.tv

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