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3Vision Insight - Pay TV Packaging Survey

30 Apr 2012
3Vision Insight - Pay TV Packaging Survey

3Vision has recently conducted a survey of over 70 European Pay TV operators to examine the packaging approach that they are using - and identify key trends in basic TV packaging in a market that continues to evolve rapidly with advanced services.

The majority (71%) of Pay TV operators surveyed maintain a straightforward tiered approach to offering basic pay TV channels.

Basic Pay TV Packaging - Whilst tiered approaches are used by the majority of operators, incumbent Telco IPTV operators use tiered and themed approaches more than average.

HD offers - Of those operators offering HD, 70% do so with an additional HD tier that is charged for. Fully integrated HD offers remain in the minority.

A la carte - Omitting premium or niche international offers - we see that despite industry focus only 14% of those surveyed offer some form of a la carte.

For a full copy of this Insight and to be included in our distribution list for the 3Vision Insight series, please contact us. 3Vision Insights is a series of profiles documenting and providing comments on interesting and significant developments in our industry - recent editions include Samsung Smart TV, US TV Everywhere & Virgin Media TiVo.

Research and Analysis – we maintain a comprehensive database covering Pay TV operators, OTT and VOD services. This database is the starting point for customised analysis that we can produce to help you understand the latest trends and position your content business for success.

Packaging Development - 3Vision has considerable experience in helping operators like Telia, Vectra, Telenet and Telekom Slovenia develop stronger, more cleverly structured content propositions. We can then also provide support to put in place the deals needed with content providers to implement the proposition and deliver improved margins.

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