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3Vision Insight - Broadcast Television Channel Apps

26 Nov 2015
3Vision Insight - Broadcast Television Channel Apps

OTT has become synonymous with activity outside of the confines of traditional Pay TV, but it is not just about disruptive challengers like Netflix.

OTT is a method of distribution that allows companies to reach customers with a direct to consumer model, and Pay TV operators and broadcast channels have been embracing it, with Apps key to the experience.

Pay TV Operators have been launching TV Everywhere, SVOD services (e.g. Shomi, Yomvi Play) and other bespoke mini-Pay services (e.g. Now TV, You Bio).

Channels have been going OTT, with the lead taken by free TV broadening their reach and viewing with catch-up, and some exploring new models such as SVOD.

Pay channels have shown caution with OTT as they protect their core Pay TV operator relationships. Gradually this is changing, with Apps representing a significant step in a channel’s relationship with consumers.

Large OTT providers have redefined the potential size, user experience and device availability of on demand offers, but now there are many different ways to access content on demand, with linear channel providers featuring strongly.

Options include broadcaster catch-up services, independent OTT, and Pay TV operator services, accessed through TV set-top-boxes and a wide variety of fixed and mobile devices. With the advent of TVE the common denominator now with all types of VOD services is Apps.

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