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3Vision Insight - 4K Ultra High Definition

16 Jan 2017
3Vision Insight - 4K Ultra High Definition

One of last year’s hottest media topics was 4K/Ultra High Definition. TV manufacturers used the Rio Summer Olympic Games to generate sales momentum for new high spec tv sets - delivering state of the art sport pictures - and Sky in the UK have made UHD a prominent feature in its Sky Q product. But what exactly was its overall impact….?

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4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) content is a growing issue for the industry we work in. Channels and service providers continue to grow and manufacturers are flooding global markets with increasingly affordable TV sets chasing the next replacement cycle. The market is set for an increase in the availability of 4K UHD content and services around the world, with live sports and early release movies likely to lead the charge.

Challenges remain from creation to delivery, but manufacturers are hyping it despite services being limited in number and quality. The lack of high-bandwidth broadband for 4K UHD delivery may hinder usage, but OTT services will drive the content market as their desire be leading the 4K UHD shift has synergies with their increasing original content production - all offered in 4K UHD.

  • 4K UHD is getting more focus as manufacturers push new sets
  • Competing standards (HDR), confusing choice and the lack of content options may slow development
  • TV sets are becoming more affordable and set penetration projections are optimistic
  • US Studio approach to content is mixed but there is a focus on the premium retail end of the market currently
  • UK market fuelled by Sky’s launch of UHD alongside their new service Sky Q
  • Content offers remain limited, with digital originals (from Netflix and Amazon) a significant presence, along with sport and new release movies
  • Pay TV operator activity is growing - mixed between launching channels and offering VOD, but it remains early days
  • Regional activity is evenly spread across developed markets
  • Opportunistic third party channels are emerging
  • Outside of sport, broadcast channel activity is limited - with only a four minute clip from the BBC’s latest factual hit Planet Earth II shot in 4K is being trialled on iPlayer

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