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3Vision to Host Breakout Session at Connected TV World Summit 2014

26 Feb 2014
3Vision to Host Breakout Session at Connected TV World Summit 2014

3Vision will be hosting a breakout session at The Connected TV World Summit 2014. Bringing together a panel of executives from studios, pay TV Operators, production companies and OTT platforms, we will look at the future of content, how OTT is changing the content ecosystem and how to work through VOD operational challenges.

3Vision, in partnership with Lumina, will be hosting a breakout session at this year’s Connected TV World Summit. The event will take place at The Royal College of Physicians, London, between the 11th and 12th of June and will debate all of the subjects and factors that will shape the connected market throughout 2014-15. Here, you can get a real insight into the issues that will influence the market for the 18 months that follow.

3Vision will be leading the OTT Breakout Session on the 11th of June at 4pm discussing OTT and the future of content.Toby Russell (CEO) and Jack Davison (Managing Consultant) will bring together a panel of executives from studios, pay TV operators, production companies and OTT platforms. During the 90 minutes session, they will look at:

Insight: The future of content

  • What is the future of the content bundle, including a la carte?
  • What adjustments can we expect in content windows for catch-up and pay in all its forms?
  • Is the TV Everywhere covenant going to hold and for how long?

How is OTT changing the content ecosystem?

  • What are the implications for the content value chain if Netflix spends $300m per annum on original content?
  • How are OTT and traditional Pay TV players adjusting their content strategies?
  • How are TV channels changing the way they acquire, offer and market content?
  • Where do the content originators see their future revenue streams coming from?

Working through the VOD operational challenges

  • Identifying the strategic challenges presented by vast VOD inventory options
  • How do you determine the optimal VOD offer when there are no inventory constraints?
  • What are the best scheduling practices when launching and operating a VOD service?
  • How much should you feed binge viewing?
  • What is the marginal value of the next piece of content?

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