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Vectra is the second largest Cable operator in Poland with over 490,000 digital TV subscribers


After its initial launch of digital TV, Vectra found that subscriber uptake was lower than expected and higher tier penetration was not at the level that they had aimed for.

Vectra approached 3Vision to help redesign the digital TV content offer with the aim of increasing penetration and revenue levels.


We first conducted a detailed review of the existing digital TV proposition and analysed what the subscriber response had been in the locations where the service had already launched to identify the key reasons for poor performance. This included analysis across the entire business and product, interviewing key stakeholders, and fully analysing the detail of the product’s set-up.

3Vision then worked closely with Vectra to devise a new offering. This process included:

  • Producing a detailed analysis of competitors and identifying Vectra’s position in what is a highly competitive market
  • Establishing the key strengths and weaknesses of the content proposition
  • Identifying where changes could be made to the content and the positioning of the product
  • Identifying additional ways to adapt the content proposition and adjust some of the operational practices to drive digital migration
  • Developing a clear strategy to market the benefit of digital TV to both existing and new customers

Our recommendations covered the short, medium and long term and focussed on delivering three simple objectives:

  • Improving the value proposition for the customer
  • Increasing competitiveness

Optimising communications


As Vectra continued their digital rollout across Poland all key metrics improved:

  • Digital penetration improved in all regions
  • New regional launches achieved over 50% penetration after a 7 month period – a significant improvement
  • Sales of Thematic (higher tier) packs grew significantly and the premium channel subscriber base doubled
  • Brand perception has been increasing across all segments

"We did two projects in the past in reference to the product marketing - both in video services. In each case it was a real success. I highly recommend 3Vision for its professional engagement and competency, as well as uncompromising clarity in expressing its’ views."

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