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SintecMedia is a leading provider of media business management solutions to broadcasters and Pay TV operators world-wide


Many large TV channels such as the BBC, NBC and Mediaset use SintecMedia’s OnAir software to manage all major broadcast operations including sales, traffic, programming, promo management and billing.

SintecMedia has now created a cloud-based version of the product – CloudOnAir - for small to mid-sized broadcasters and wanted to accelerate its business development activities in Europe with a particular focus on the UK. SintecMedia approached 3Vision to drive this sales initiative.


We first conducted a market analysis to build a long-list of target potential customers. We then selected a cross-section of targets for some initial test approaches to gauge their reaction to CloudOnAir. 3Vision also researched the market to identify competitors – these companies were different to SintecMedia’s usual competitors.

Based on information gathered in the test meetings, we created a comprehensive sales pitch emphasising all the benefits of the product. 3Vision also provided important advice on pricing structure and identified weaknesses in competitor offerrings.

3Vision next devised and implemented a large sales campaign targeting all potential customers. We worked closely with the SintecMedia sales team to bring them in to pre-qualified opportunities to optimise the use of their time.

3Vision then followed up intensively with the best prospects to progress the sales process. SintecMedia executives led the final stages of negotiation and 3Vision provided support to ensure the efficient closing of deals.


Over a period of just a few months 3Vision created a large sales pipeline for a new product and helped close initial agreements.

“3Vision’s knowledge of the Pay TV industry has been invaluable in assisting our international growth. Their extensive network and experienced personnel have given us the insight we need to bring our software to new markets.”

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