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Rovi is the world’s leading provider of Electronic Program Guides, metadata, search and recommendation technology as well as advertising solutions to consumer electronics manufacturers


Rovi technology and data is a key component of the Smart TV offering from many leading CE companies like Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and LG. Rovi approached 3Vision as it needed to secure partnerships with leading content providers in the UK to ensure that their content is effectively made available and discoverable on these connected devices.


The first step in the project was to identify the key content providers for Rovi to work with. To achieve this we analysed the activity of leading content companies in VOD and catch up services and also gathered information from Rovi and it’s customers on their requirements.

Once the target providers were known, we then identified the relevant decision-making executives at the companies using our extensive network of contacts. We approached the companies with a specially created presentation to explain the benefits of collaboration with Rovi. Building a strong, compelling case clearly outlining the benefits for the content providers was particularly important as there was no immediate or guaranteed revenue benefit for them.

3Vision then followed up intensively with the content providers to persuade them to work with Rovi. In some cases this involved a dialogue with many different parts of the organisation, including senior management.


Over 20 high quality content providers agreed to work with Rovi including BBC, ITV, NBC Universal, Sony, Turner, Viacom and LoveFilm.

"3Vision is the perfect partner for us. They work on the crossroads between content and technology. Excellent network and great people to work with."

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