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Discover Digital offers total end-to-end technology and content solutions for the delivery of entertainment and educational digital video content through IPTV, OTT television services and Off-line delivery.


Discover Digital aimed to launch an online television service in South Africa and Zimbabwe. 3Vision were approached to negotiate OTT and IPTV rights and acquire 10 international channels for News and Sports packs.


At 3Vision our team has proven experience in content rights negotiation, having dealt with a vast array of content owners and Pay TV services. Our experience and insider knowledge of content acquisition and new service launch allowed us to:

  • Identify target channels for News and Sports genre packs
  • Evaluate the content options to support the proposition
  • Approach content owners for linear channel acquisitions
  • Negotiate linear channel content deals on behalf of Discover Digital

Our experience of content licensing, particularly across the Sub-Saharan Africa market, enabled us to negotiate OTT and IPTV rights for 10 international channels for the DEOD online TV service.


In May 2017, Discover Digital successfully launched DEOD, the first converged online video service to the African market, providing SVOD, Virtual OTT Channels and PPV Movies. Click here to learn more about DEOD.

“3Vision provide valuable support in the negotiation and procurement of our selected channels. Their market experience and advice provide an insightful contribution to our overarching content strategy and we look forward to continuing our work with Jonathan and his team as we build and expand our content offering.”

Stephen Watson, Managing Director, Discover Digital

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